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Mareike started within the Seatrade Group as operations manager of fruit liner services in the Antwerp office in 2009. In 2011 she took the opportunity to move to the chartering desk of first Hamburg Reefer Chartering, and thereafter GreenSea Chartering, focusing mainly on frozen fish, short-sea and parceling services. In Hamburg, Mareike focuses on import/export sales and manages the office.

E-mail: chartering(at)
Mobile: + 49 (152) 549 276 17

Mareike Kaulvers
General Management & Sales

Before Katherine joined the Seatrade team in 2010 she worked with one of Russia’s largest fruit importers in St. Petersburg. Based with Seatrade in Hamburg she manages the reefer business and bookings from all origins Seatrade calls to the Russian market.

E-mail: chartering(at)
Mobile: +49 (171) 687 7656

Katherine Korzh
Marketing & Sales